win stuffs!

two peoples are having contests! i’ve joined both! i think you all should joins too! its super funs! =D so, firstess is so fabulous! da second is with hoshi girl! =D join da contests and tell em i referred you! =D

and nother contest! over at change is coming! joins! =D

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I haven’t blogged much, it kinda sucks. I’m alive though! I’ve been playing with fan listing bunches lately! I’ve applied ofr some, been declined to adopt them or start them. Its k though! Cause I’ve been approved for others I super wanted! =D I’m really hoping I’ll get this muffins and pie ones. They’re so nummy yummy! So I’m hoping I’ll get approved for at least one of em! =)

It was also me birthday yesterday! The 12th. =) I couldn’t get on too much cause I was busy and stuffs. But I’m celebrating it online today with all of me online buddies! For my birthday, I gots bunches of neato gifts! My mumma got me some new records and I gots a cool new cellie. Its so neato! I gots some new games too! I’m excited to play em with my offline buddies! I’m trying to get another domain, but I dunno. I love this one and I’m happy with it. I never wants it to go bye-bye! -_-

I’m right now waiting on Erin to email me button codes and members from some neato fan listings that I’ve taken over lately. Its coolie! I’m excited to get those two fan listings up and playing! Its so much fun, fun! =D

Anywho! I’ll be blogging gain super soon! =D